MPMA SHIPPING Co, operates in Panama since 2011, with the aim of providing launch services for cargo boarding operations, supply, transfer and transit of utility crews and maritime sector.

Actually we have a highly qualified crew to meet the needs of our customers in the shortest time possible and in the most efficient manner as well as latest technology vessels for performing such services.

Our boats are capable of carrying up to 24 passengers and/or 6 tons of goods in a single service. Our services are available on the Pacific and Atlantic side of Panama 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


We are a company dedicated to provide auxiliary maritime services to vessels transiting Panama Canal, offering our customers the best and quickest boats for the attention of their ships, crew and deliver supplies; promoting the welfare of its staff focused on the integral development of the country where it operates, implementing policies of maritime safety, hygiene and environmental conservation.


Be the leading company for launch services in Panama, with a wide fleet of multi-purpose boats offering services based on the quality and comfort of the passengers and the best solutions to supply vessels located in the Atlantic or Pacific area of Panama.